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2019 Carlisle ESP Award

21 years and running!!!!!! #commercialroofing #roofing #contractors #awards  https://elmerdavis.com/ Established in 1998 as a means to recognize Carlisle’s most loyal and dedicated authorized applicators, the Excellence in Single-Ply award (ESP) award has become one of the most recognizable and prestigious achievements in the commercial roofing industry. Awarded annually, only the most accomplished applicators achieve ESP status, a designation that […]

Firestone 2019 Award

Thank you to Firestone for presenting Elmer W. Davis with the 2019 Partner in Quality Award!!! The Partner in Quality Award is presented to contractors who achieved the highest levels of roofing quality by meeting or exceeding the following criteria from the previous year: Installation of at least eight warranted Firestone roofs in 2014, 2015. […]

Snow Removal Service 24/7

Snow Removal  A cubic foot of dry snow may weigh about eight pounds, for instance, while packed snow may weigh up to 20 per cubic foot. Meanwhile, ice may weigh up to 60 pounds per cubic foot. Thus, a roof that could support 20 pounds per square foot of snow could handle about 4 inches […]

Elmer W. Davis, Inc Emergency Response Team -HIGH WIND WARNING

According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, most wind damage to a roof starts on the edge. Anywhere the roofing material is even a little bit loose, the wind can get below it and push it up, thus giving the wind more to grab onto next time and creating a chain peeling effect. 24/7 Emergency Response Team Duties (585) 546-2846 Debris […]

ASU – Independent Performance Rating Program

Arizona State University performed an independent survey of previous jobs we completed.  The results prove our commitment to Elmer W. Davis’s core value of providing transparent and excellent service to our customers.  The study covered 45 warranty roofs which equate to around 921,315 square feet.  The key highlight was that 100% of the surveyed customers […]

Elmer W. Davis, Inc. Recognized as Tremco 2018 Contractor of the Year

By Karen L. Edwards, RCS Editor. The company has been providing commercial roofing services since 1936. Each year, Tremco recognizes projects and contractors for their quality installations. Last year, Elmer W. Davis, Inc., headquartered in Rochester, New York was recognized for their outstanding workmanship and superior installations of Tremco Roofing systems. The company has a […]