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Elmer W. Davis, Inc. Recognized as Tremco 2018 Contractor of the Year

By Karen L. Edwards, RCS Editor.

The company has been providing commercial roofing services since 1936.

Each year, Tremco recognizes projects and contractors for their quality installations. Last year, Elmer W. Davis, Inc., headquartered in Rochester, New York was recognized for their outstanding workmanship and superior installations of Tremco Roofing systems.

The company has a long, rich history and remains in the family today as a third-generation roofing company. Elmer W. Davis earned a mechanical engineering degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1921. He took that knowledge and experience that he gained and started the company in 1936 in Rochester, New York.

His commitment to professionalism and superior workmanship led to the growth and success of the business. The company today remains committed to that tradition of excellence that Elmer established from the start. Their mission statement says it all: Integrity, professionalism and superior workmanship are the fundamental values that have been instilled in Elmer W. Davis, Inc. since our inception 75 years ago.  Through perseverance, we are committed to consistently providing our clients with the highest standards of excellence in the roofing industry within budget and on schedule.

Jeffery Davis is the current President and CEO and has been involved in the company for over 40 years.  Jeff told me that in his family when you turned 18, you were sent to work on the roof. “For my 18th birthday I was told to report for work on the roof at 6:00 a.m.,” he explained. “I did that my first summer out of high school, four summers while in college and for six months after college graduation.”

It was around that time that EPDM and single ply membranes were just taking off. “It really was a big change in the late 70s and through the 80s,” Jeff said. “The field experience that I got working on the roof is invaluable to me. I wouldn’t change it for anything.”

It was evident in our conversation that the company pays attention to emerging products and technologies.  I mentioned to Jeff that I had spent some time in Rochester from my past role at EagleView. He shared with me that he knew some of the team at Pictometry and he became the first roofing contractor in the country to begin using the software and imagery. He recognized the power of using aerial imagery and the efficiencies that remote viewing and measurement could bring to the business.

As for how long they have been a Tremco installer, Jeff said they had been installing the systems since the 70s but really picked up their level of installs in the 90s when the sales representatives for Tremco really focused on growing the business in his area. “That was a really nice award for them to give us in Nashville,” stated Jeff.

Jeff said that the company has continued to grow. Today Elmer W. Davis, Inc. has about 25 office workers and 350 out in the field. The company services the state of New York from Buffalo to Albany and Binghamton to Massena. In addition to Rochester, they have office locations in Buffalo, Syracuse and Goveneur.

Congratulations to Elmer W. Davis on earning this prestigious award.



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