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Elmer W Davis, Inc. has been a leading innovator in roofing since 1936.  All our skilled roofing technicians on demand service vehicles are equipped with up-to-date technology, and capable of servicing every type of roof system. No issue is too big nor too small, from penetration installations to leak detection to catastrophic roof failures, we have what you need. Service requests are responded to within 24 hours.

Asset Management

We provide a unique approach to protect your roof portfolio. Identifying risk and preventing problems early extends service life and significantly reduces the overall cost of ownership. This proactive strategy reduces the need for costly tear-offs and replacements.

  • Use life-cycle costing to not only assure maximum roof life but to also build an appropriate budget
  • Regular assessment of the entire portfolio of roofs, with early detection of potential issues
  • Perform semi-annual roof inspections to ensure integrity and warranty compliance (Industry studies have shown that over 80% of leak calls result from other trades that do not involve roofing)
  • Track and document all damage to the roofing systems in one comprehensive report
  • Build a real-time roofing budget, we recommend $.05 per square foot for preventative maintenance and $0.25 per square foot for more extensive remedial restoration
  • Reports that show your management team the cost savings of a proactive approach to roof management
  • Appropriate warranty tracking, with our professional ability to document and directly bill the manufacturer (There are often significant amounts to be recovered)