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July 30, 2020

By Karen L. Edwards, RCS Editor.

The Rochester, New York-based roofing company was recognized for outstanding workmanship and quality of installations of Tremco Roofing projects.

Quality and workmanship have always been important to Elmer W. Davis Roofing, which has been installing commercial roofing systems since 1936. “It’s a true honor for us to be the first back to back winner of this award,” said Andrew Centauro, director of marketing at Elmer W. Davis Roofing.

The company has a great relationship with Tremco and their team of sales reps. “It really has been a true partnership with Tremco – they have been able to connect us with some great projects,” said Andrew. “We have completed a lot of large, complex installations where they have a unique solution and we have the expertise to get the job done.”

Dependable products 

Delivering top quality installations and outstanding workmanship goes beyond the actual install. It’s important that the products continue to deliver protection long after the installation is complete. Being in the northeastern United States, rooftops are subject to extreme temperatures – from steamy 90-degree summers to very cold winters that bring a lot of snow to the region.

“Operating in the northeast, we are subject to a tough, rugged environment,” Andrew explained. “Tremco has demonstrated great performance in their products with the lowest possible lifecycle cost to the owner, which has made our customers happier.”

As the interest in coatings grows in the industry and with customers, Andrew said they have found the same performance qualities in the company’s AlphaGuard line of coating solutions. “Their products have really held up in a variety of temperatures, and as a certified Tremco contractor we know that we can have confidence in their performance.”

Enhancing the professionalism of roofing

Elmer W. Davis Roofing is committed to enhancing the professionalism of the roofing industry as a whole and has turned to technology to help. They joined the Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3) to explore technologies and help the organization elevate the overall industry by exploring and educating about technology solutions.

“We have always been early adopters of technology because we recognize that it will allow us to deliver the same workmanship and customer experience to every client, no matter if they are large or small,” explained Andrew. “We have implemented new accounting systems as well as some new applications for our service teams to use. This allowed us to create a consistent and repeatable process that delivers a quality experience to every customer.”

Like many in construction, Elmer W. Davis Roofing has seen the shrinking labor pool and they believe that partnering with the correct technology will help them develop creative solutions. “We are a union company and a big believer in using the local trades. We strive to build a positive brand and be a leader on the construction site when working with other trades.,” said Andrew.

Their long, rich history in business and the recognition of their workmanship gives Elmer W. Davis Roofing’s customers the peace of mind knowing that the company will be there for the duration of their roof’s lifespan.

Next month we’ll profile the winner of the 2019 Tremco Canadian Contractor of the Year. 

Learn more about becoming a Tremco contractor.  



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