Safety Information


Elmer W. Davis, Inc. believes there is no compromise when it comes to safety. At the beginning of every job we evaluate potential safety hazards and develop our overall safety plan. The first part of our safety plan is to draft a site specific project safety plan.

The second part of our safety plan is implementation. The site specific project safety plan will be reviewed with the project foreman to address the job hazards and mitigation efforts. Our full time job site Safety Director Dan Cappon will visit the sites to ensure compliance with the safety plan and with all applicable Federal, State and Local safety regulations. A copy of his inspection report can be made available to the Owner’s representative.

EWD’s Safety Director Dan Cappon, has had over 30 years in the field of Fire Protection and Safety. Before joining our firm, Dan was in involved in numerous aspects of Corporate Safety for Eastman Kodak Company and was responsible for overseeing contractor safety compliance.

Always refer to the Material Safety Data Sheets

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